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Get up close and personal with my work and many talented doll artists at “Dollirious”. Opening Friday, July 3rd at 6pm at Most Wanted Fine Art, 5015 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15224

Facebook RSVP (the event page features excellent profiles of the doll artists that will be in the show)

“Whether for religious, social, or creative commentary, the doll has long been a part of humankind’s history and our fascination with the tiny representations of ourselves spans centuries. On July 3rd, Most Wanted Fine Art resident artist and dollmaker, Macabre Noir welcomes more than 15 doll artists and makers from all over the United States and Canada in Dollirious: The Art of The Doll. The exhibit features doll work of all mediums that celebrates the dark and unusual, spiritual, and whimsical sides of doll art.

Featuring works by:
Nicole Mahlimae
ChriSty KaNe
Amber Leilani Middleton
Junker Jane
Sheri DeBow
Steph Sciullo
Sarah Legault
Lazy Voodoo
Morose & Macabre’s House of Oddities: Macabre Noir & Aaron Doctor
Beth Robinson’s Strange Dolls
Art Dolls by Ugly Shyla
Jacqui Gallant
Simone Young

FLYER for web

Much to my jaw dropping shock I was nominated for a Daysie Award in the category of Best Local Artist. For those who do not know, this nomination comes from written-in votes to our local newspaper Seven Days. I don’t know how to thank everyone who looked at that blank line next to “Best Local Artist” and wrote my name in. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

The final round of voting has begun. The deadline is Tuesday, June 30. In order to complete the ballot you have to vote in a minimum of 50 categories so throw a vote to my friends at The S.P.A.C.E. Gallery for the category of Best Art Gallery!

Cast your vote!>>

daysies small

I updated my etsy shop — and have new pieces to share! A variety of corpse paint dolls and some with a tribal aesthetic. All are heavy on stitchery and of course, lots of black. Check it out now!


This is one of those pieces that has been sitting neglected for far too long. I started the plaster cast at my old studio and hit a bump in the road when deciding how to handle the cavern in her belly. What I originally planned didn’t work well. And the more I futzed, the worse it got. It happens to the best of us, right?

It took the help of a rather interesting artist to get me over the hump so I could move forward with the piece. Sometimes 2 heads are better than one. So this is a collaboration in the works.

The body is done, now onward to the belly….

The last few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind in the land of Strange Dolls. I moved into a gorgeous new studio in a renovated church, had a wild, grand opening party Easter weekend to celebrate the new digs — and then promptly took a journey to re-visit my Southern roots in Mississippi.

The product of all this activity are the newest creations. The Nun Dolls are inspired by my sanctimonious new studio and the Gator Girls by my trip South.

(click on the the thumbnail for full images and ordering information)


And a special treat for the people who love the dolls made from bone,
4 new creations from a fresh harvest:

(click on the the thumbnail for full images and ordering information)


I have been working in my studio for a little over a month now and in love with the new space. I do have several new dolls available but perfect photos will have to wait until I get back from vacation (where I currently am). Here is a little tour of the new space (click on the thumbnail for a full slideshow):

Officially moved in and all, I decided it was high time to invite friends in to see my new space and celebrate with me. What could be a better time for a party in a church than Easter weekend? And if we are going to have a Strange Dolls party on Easter weekend then it needs to be a Blasphemy Party. And so it was. I invited everyone to dress up in their best unholy, evil easter bunny, nun/priest get-ups, we imbibed in satanic cupcakes, cakes, sculptural meatloaf… with a side helping of the Body of Christ in wafer and drink form.

Special thanks to The Retinal Exploitation Cooperative who put together an incredible collage of mind blowing visuals (Nunsploitation anyone?) with the perfect occult soundtrack to the night.

That night was the Blood Moon. I couldn’t have planned it better.

Stephen Mease snapped some really artsy photos of the event. He was also responsible for capturing the Art of Horror’s glory this year. Thanks Stephen!

And finally photos that a friend and I snapped (click on the thumbnail for a full slideshow):

Nun dolls coming soon.

Thanks Broken Image Magazine for the sweet 4 page spread and interview. Check out this particular issue (#3) for lots of bloody fashion photography and art. http://www.brokenimagemagazine.com/



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