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Last Saturday the Girl Scouts were traveling around the South End, visiting artists’ studios and gallery spaces. Last year they did this as well and that was the first time I encountered the throng. So I knew what I was in for this year. They are like a swarming mass of bees that descend upon the place. I think I was more afraid of them than they were of me. I was afraid of being swept up in the hum.

One of the girls showed me the photos she took on her phone last year and another one of the girls was so into what was going on in my studio that she and her mom came back a few days later to visit. However, there was one cute little asian girl (in the photo below) that was terribly non-plussed about the whole thing. And at the end one little girl straggled in by herself and her mom came running in behind to pick her up and say “Oh no, she is not spending time in this room. It took us forever to help this one recover from the movie Coraline.”

Anyway, it was a neat experience and I hope that there were a few evil creative seeds planted that day.




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Burlington Free Press made a visit to the studio this week to interview Christy and I for the “Broken Hearts and Sweet Tarts” show.

Here is the link to the video>>


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pre art hop

Normally I am so OCD about my studio. I have to have things tidy in order to be creative.

Sick. I know.

So usually my studio looks like this

But getting ready for art hop and – really more importantly the coming halloween season – means it looks like this.

For one day any way.

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New Studio Spot

One of the larger studios in our collective opened up and I took it! My studio is now the one facing the door to the parking lot, basically the studio that faces you when you walk in. It was originally owned by Ann Bailey but we decided to swap spots.

I have had a number of complaints about how difficult it is to get in and see my work during the open studio events like Art Hop and the Holiday Hop. There are a lot of people trying to get in and out during those events to not only look at the work up close and chat – but to be able to get in the door at all. I hope this new space will help with that. There is more leg room as well as a better line between work space and display space.

Hope to see you soon in my new digs!

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Studio Visitors

Today a group of kids came to S.P.A.C.E. to see the current exhibit by Grace Weaver, meet the artists that work in the studios, and create art! After making the rounds and chatting with each of us, they created a painting on wood that was inspired by the things they saw and learned today.

As you can imagine, the kids spent a lot of time in my studio asking questions and learning how the dolls are made. By the end of their stay, I had them convinced that the dolls move around by themselves in my studio at night and that voodoo dolls really do work.

One of our visitors today was inspired by one of the Lolita dolls and made this cool painting:

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New pieces

I have added a few new pieces to my collection this week: some of the smaller dolls that can hang on a wall or make the perfect display on a bookshelf. Click on the thumbnail to check them out:

Christmas Ornament

South End Holiday Hop

For my local friends: This coming weekend will be the South End Holiday Hop. There are 45 studios, artist collectives, galleries, and shops that will be open throughout the weekend offering up beautiful, handcrafted items for the holidays. Please consider making the handmade pledge and shopping local this year!

I will have my studio open on Friday from 5-8pm and Saturday from 10-5! Come by to say hello and see what I have available as well as my studio mates.

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Hop and shop local for this year’s gifts. Visit artists’ studios for a range of unique, functional and exquisite pieces. Everything from stocking stuffers to gifts too big to wrap. Hop till you drop!

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