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These newest sculptures focus on travels through the underworld, as well as transformation. I have 2 sculptures that are Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld – as well as a delicate creature that has slithered along to encounter the river of Lethe, desperately looking for a way to let go of their humanity and move forward into the afterlife.

Expressing decay in doll form has been a recent interest through the use of burned plastics and exposed wire armature (the “skeleton” of dolls). These dolls are made from wire, rubber, plastics, cheesecloth, Puppen Fimo polymer clay, and plaster. Each piece is available through my etsy shop.

The obsession with creating decay in these creatures has led me on a new journey of getting involved with new technologies – the 3D pen. The pen extrudes a thread of ABS plastic so you can, literally, draw a sculpture. For anyone who has tried it, it has its challenges but I am really excited to share the creations I have made with this new technology (see photo below). They have been described as a witchy nervous system. I hope that you will enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed creating them!




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Kevin and I are co-curating a show at S.P.A.C.E. Gallery for Halloween. We hope that you can join us and share in our love of the art of horror. Details below….

The Art of Horror

Guest curators Beth Robinson and Kevin Montanaro
Friday, October 1, 2010 from 5pm – 9pm

Open through October 31st, Thursdays-Saturdays 11AM-4PM.

Join us for spooky ghost stories from the Queen of Halloween – Thea Lewis

Since 2002, Thea Lewis, creator of Queen City Ghostwalk, has treated locals and visitors alike to an exciting look at Burlington’s fascinating haunted history.

Through tales of heroism, tragedy, and madness, Lewis takes guests on a journey back in time, introduces them to local legends, and paints a chilling picture of Burlington from ages past.

Talk takes place from 5pm until 6pm
In addition to story telling, Thea will be available for a Q&A session if you have questions about local haunts or characters from Burlington’s past.

“The Art of Horror”

Guest curators Beth Robinson and Kevin Montanaro
Friday, October 1, 2010
5pm – 9pm

Open through October 31st, Thursdays-Saturdays 11AM-4PM.

The Art of Horror” is a collection of dark artists who explore the musty recesses of their wickedly creative closets and shake loose a few skeletons to startle and disturb the unsuspecting villagers. (You may come bearing pitchforks but please leave the torches at home).

This horror-themed art show will terrorize you with pieces by: Beth Robinson, Kevin Montanaro, Mark Prent, Catherine Hall, S.Vogelsang, Lila Rees, Justin Atherton, Lorraine Reynolds, Nikita Frankenstein, Jme Wheeler, Michael Heeney, David McFadden, and Aaron Reil.

The Opening Party on October 1st from 5-9pm will host audio and visual nightmares assembled by the creeps at S.P.A.C.E., as well as ghost stories from the Queen of Halloween, Thea Lewis. Costumes are encouraged. Admission is free and open to all ages, but those who are faint of heart and prone to hysterics might wish to consult with their doctor or priest prior to attending!

S. Vogelsang

Jme Wheeler

Lorraine Reynolds

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Death Book postcards arrived today! They look great.

Thanks to everyone who voted and helped to make the decision final.


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“Landscapes with a Corpse”
Fashion and Death, photographer Izima Kaoru.
Izima Kaoru :: Studio La Città.

“He invited actresses and models to reveal to him their fantasies about a perfect death: above all he asked them which designer clothes they would like to wear when they died. And so the photos that show the crime scene (or that of natural death) do not allude to something fatal and irreversible but a kind of elegant and highly aesthetic ceremony.”

I think the collaboration is darkly humorous actually. I like it. My fave? Kato Ai and Nakashima Mika’s choice of Vivienne Westwood. To die for!!


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I’m excited to be submitting artwork postcards to the Death Book project. The problem, as I sit down to create the card, is that I death comes up a lot with my dolls! So I have created 4 death themes with my dolls and I want you to choose which postcard you like best in the poll below. I will probably send the winning choice out at the end of the week (around April 10, 2009). I will only be creating one card design for the show.

Please click on the thumbnail for a larger image:




Mother's First Victim

Death Bed

Death Bed

Child Death

Child Death

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Mexico City.

“Be ready to enter another reality, a place steeped in legend and the bizarre sight of dolls in various states of disintegration hanging from trees. The nephew of Don Julian is the caretaker and holds court, sitting in an arm chair. He seems happy to share the story of the island’s history. It seems that three girls were visiting the island, and one drowned. As a result a spirit haunted the island so Don Julian put up a doll to ward off the spirits. Over time, more and more dolls were placed in the trees and a shed housed special dolls and an altar.”

“The island conjures up different images and reactions, depending upon the viewer’s relationship to dolls. Some are struck with nostalgia, remembering dolls from their own pasts. Others are reminded of horror-film dolls Some are clothed, some not. Whatever the emotional reaction, the photographic possibilities are limitless.” Source

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