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Featured doll photographer.

This photographer’s work is very strong in the feminist category and I love it.

Mariel Clayton


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A busy weekend full of art related activities and Halloween fun….

♦ This week I got to meet one of my collectors and her awesome gaggle of daughters: Hi Michelle!

♦ Must see is the Medicine and Mortality show at the Firehouse Gallery. Opening was Friday and I forgot my memory card for my camera. Poo. Interesting mix of clinical and sentimental, precision and wild abandon.

♦ The show closing party for “Oh the Horror” was fun. Local artists Andrea Currie and Athena Kafantaris transformed S.P.A.C.E. into a nightmarish fantasy, complete with “The Shining” projected on to the wall. I think that even my dolls were a little tweaked over the atmosphere. New favorite phrase: “Gut bag chandelierPhoto Gallery here

♦ Today I attended the opening reception for “Hello Dolly, Hello Teddy” at the Bryan Memorial Gallery in Jeffersonville. The reception opened with a panel of artists – 2 from the Small Picture Exhibit and 2 from the doll show – who were asked questions about their creative process and work style.

I could listen to artists talk all day and all night and never get tired of hearing about their creative process.

My favorite part of the “Hello Dolly” show…. Kristin Richland

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3729658484_90359c78ea“It’s all about ME, Not You”
It’s all about ME, Not You
Friday, October 9, 2009
7.00PM – 9.00PM


“When faced with the prospect of creating her first large-scale installation at the Mattress Factory, Lankton knew that she wanted to re-create her studio, in an ideal form, designing an environment of “artificial nature/total indulgence,” filled with “dolls engrossed in glamour and self abuse.” Like then artist herself, Lankton’s dolls and environments possess a disarming mix of innocence and decadence, hope and pathos. she said her work was “all about me,” reflecting her life as an artist, a transsexual, and a drug addict. But beyond this, from her position as an outsider, Lankton eloquently explored and questioned accepted norms of gender and sexuality, as well as the powerful imagery of popular culture and consumerism. Her work also describes the difficult mandate of these pervasive, seductive models and the pain of those who do not conform. It is tempting to think that Lankton created her installation at the Mattress Factory as of she knew it was her last (she died in late November, a month after the exhibition opened), filing the space with a retrospective selection of her beloved dolls and everything that was most meaningful to her.” Source

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welcometothedollhouseThe second edition of Cynjon Noah’s VMZine “Welcome to the Dollhouse” is available now. It is a collection of various trend setting doll artists that vary in style from cute to profane. Artists include: Sebastian Bages, Lydia Dekker, Shain Erin, Karna Erickson, Anita Collins, Tricia Anders, Anat Rom, Colleen Downs, Filigree (art duo), and Sarah Zambiasi.

A few of my more recent dolls are in the book.

Check it out at Blurb.com

Cynjon’s Blogspot

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I have two dolls in this show. I’ve been working on them for some time. I am hoping to have more available… as soon as I have some more free time from shows 🙂 I am joined in this show by Shain Erin and Nichole Dickerson among others.

Deviant Dolls

Click for larger views:

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mausreiter MĂ„USEMUSEUM created by artist Margaretha Dubach for the Musee Bizarre


“The story of Otto Mouse is depicted in 22 miniature scenes. It begins one night when Otto Mouse climbs out of the window and creeps after the moon which promises him beautiful dreams and whisks him off to peculiar worlds. He encounters strange creatures which tell him the story of when it rained chocolate for 7 days and 7 nights. He flies over the Valley of Eyes where the one thousand eyed Seer gets its prophetic eyes. With his friend Pipo he travels into the earth and enters the magnificent castle in which a beautiful princess is guarded by polar bears. Back at home he tells of his perculiar travels to his amazed family.”

Thanks Suzanne for the link

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Gail and I share a spread in the 500 Handmade Dolls book. I was in love from the moment I saw her Ghosties but couldn’t find much info about her online.

Well luckily she found me!

I cajoled her into starting a blog so we can keep up with her work. And she has decided to do it – hooray! Any fans of Gail Lackey’s work can find her blog here: gaillackey.blogspot.com

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