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A multi media show organized by female artists for female artists, “Conjuring: She Rises”, came together in honor of the 325 anniversary of the Salem Witch Trials. Women throughout the ages have and continue to struggle with finding their voices as powerful agents of change within society. We created this show to honor a gathering of our vibrant and powerful voices as modern day female artists working and living in Vermont.

Participating artists include:
Christy Mitchell
Beth Robinson
Leslie Frye
Wylie Garcia
Meredith Muse
Sarah Vogelsang-Card
Morgan Stark
Nyx Black
Athena Kafantaris
Melaney Pettani
Leslie Roth
Nikki Laxar
Annika Rundberg

With administrative help from Abigail Feldman.


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The Art of Horror opening night was a great success with a turnout that could be best be described as a “crowd.” The walls were packed with work that spanned the range of Halloween whimsy to truly dark compulsions. The place was teeming with Halloween candy & cupcakes, digestible spirits and attendees of all ages dressed up for the occasion.

No one can believe that we do not charge an entry fee for the event. Yes, you can come to the biggest party of the year at the gallery, have your cards read, eat as many cupcakes and Halloween candy as you can stuff in your mouth, drink wine and beer and enjoy! What we do ask for in return is for you to consider buying art to support the artists – who are the reason the event exists in the first place! The prices are extremely reasonable, if you love a piece, consider living with it.

The gallery is open Thursday to Saturday from 11am to 4pm. The show will be up through the end of the month. We hope you will come by!

Video from Art of Horror 2012 Opening reception – Burlington, VT


In the Backspace Gallery we projected visuals from the movie “Mutant Girls Squad” by Noboru Iguchi:


Slideshow from Opening Night

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