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I am completely obsessed with this artist right now. Linde Ivimey, I love you!

She uses a LOT of bones in her work, as well as an almost obsessive savoring of fabrics and objects that have sentimental value that she transforms into magical creatures. She WEAVES bones. Yup, she actually weaves vertebrae together to form a decorative armor or shroud for her figures. Some of her figures are whimsical and some feel very dark – almost like voodoo dolls or fetishes.

I knew she had to be a kindred spirit when I saw that in her studio she has orderly boxes of teeth and hair. And I am really fascinated by the fact that her figures are full of so much personality yet they have no faces. As someone who focuses on the face and can sometimes forget the rest, I feel like I want to do a few exercises like that. I tried that type of experiment a year or two ago with some of my wire dolls but they were more sculptural and cold.

Visit Linde online: www.lindeivimey.com.au/

A great video about this body of work:

Some samples of her creations:

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