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Really cool photos that Leslie Fry shot after I finished casting various things into some more molds we made. Shown in the photos are translucent resin, plaster, rubber, and plastic.

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This weekend I took a 2 day intensive workshop with one of my favorite local sculptors: Leslie Fry! It was a workshop to learn mold making and casting. I’ve been trying to learn more over the last year but it was time to hire a professional to tell me what the hell I am doing wrong.

She warned us that most of her casting students decide at the end of the workshop that they have no desire to ever touch the stuff again. As I learned, the process of creating a 3D mold of say, a doll head, is a long and tedious, enormously messy, task that creates a tremendous amount of waste. And after all of that work, you may not even have a mold worth using because of all of the things that can go wrong along the way. I found the process unbelievably laborious and messy but I haven’t given up. I honestly think that had a lot to do with the way Leslie taught the class.

Most of all I am excited about how mold making will open up opportunities to work with different materials. Last year I experimented with spray rubber, resin, plaster, chocolate, mold making, and plastics. I’m excited about using my dolls in different mediums that are not just cloth and clay any more.

I met some great women this weekend! There were 5 of us from all over Vermont and New York… and one a local senator. I was in the accompaniment of Kerin Rose, Erika Lawlor, Diane Snelling, and Christine Webster.

The workshop was held at Leslie’s studio. The photos below are from her many amazing creations – many of which are artfully arranged on her property and throughout her home and studio.

When I grow up I want a “sculpture garden” too!

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