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Using old photographs from my family’s archive, I combined photos of the dolls with the images of women from my family history. They are a celebration of misfits and ghosts.

These prints are digitally printed on archival paper. The originals have a rough deckled edge and are professionally framed using non glare glass.

Thanks to Revive Archive for the amazing printing and Artists’ Mediums for framing these prints so they were ready to hang in a gallery.

The professionally framed prints with the deckled edge are $250.
The prints are $35.
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New Dolls

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Chelsea Smile. Her name refers to the act of slashing a person’s face so that they appear to be smiling. Also called a ‘Glasgow Smile’ which doesn’t have quite the charming ring to it that “Chelsea” does.


Priestess, with a nod to Olive Oatman




Mamie, this doll is made from a dried gourd. She also appears in this print>>


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