Soul Eaters

These Soul Eaters are close sisters to the pieces I made for Valentines Day. They are equally inspired by the spirit of the Egyptian Demon, Ammit. Blackened. Soulless. Hungry. She will not be satiated.

Each sculpture stands 28 inches tall and is mounted to a wood base. She is made from recycled materials: crab pinchers, snail feet, chain, fur, plastic bags, plaster, cheesecloth, rubber… and a nice donation of hair from Lord Gallows.


I have just 2 Soul Eaters available. Click on the image to see more images and for ordering information:
Souleater1h Souleater1u Souleater2a Souleater3d

So excited to be included in the Main Street Museum‘s “Kunstkamera” exhibit.

The exhibit commemorates the 300th anniversary of the Peter the Great museum in St Petersburg, Russia—the Kunstkamera. The Main Street Museum is re-making the display cabinets in eclectic homages known to many as “cabinets of curiosities.”

My bird dolls and prints will be on display as a part of this celebration of our historical obsession with “natural and human curiosities and rarities”.

Read more about the Main Street Museum’s exhibit and activities around this event

About the original Kunstkamera
And the Kunstkamera Wiki

“We’ve lost our sense of wonder and participation in museums. We go into museums and are passive,” Ford said. “Wall labels tell us, often, what to think as much as they explain; audio tours shuffle us through; and lines are drawn between the arts, science and engineering of an era, as if they existed completely independent of one another.” So Ford has arrayed in his museum an assortment of the eccentric, the lost and forgotten relics of other eras” – Curator, David Fairbanks Ford, interviewed in Art Notes

People often ask what is the inspiration behind my work… one random example. Enjoy!


It all started with an old piece that got returned from a gallery. I decided it needed to be re-worked. And somehow it turned into this giant project.

Anyway, works in progress so far. I hope to have some of these girls completed for my Art of Horror group show in October.

6 students convene in Burlington, Vermont for a weekend of doll making with moi. 2 are under the age of 20 and are totally bad ass girls in the making.

It was lovely to spend a few hours with Cam Willis and his team talking about my work and the creative process.

This documentary features a few unique local artists. Please check it out to get acquainted with our art community. Personally I am a big Wendy James fan. She comes in at 6:46. I come in at 9:18.

Burlington Artist from Cam Willis on Vimeo.

I feel lucky to have a studio in an artist’s collective where there are so many really talented people working.

Check out this awesome portrait that my studio mate, Alex Costantino, just finished of me making crazy eyes. He will be doing portraits of each S.P.A.C.E. and Backspace Gallery artists over the next few weeks. You can follow his patterned journey through his facebook page: Art by Alex Costantino

Portrait of Beth Robinson

Portrait of Beth Robinson, created under the nom d’art Edsen Lüters.


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