6 students convene in Burlington, Vermont for a weekend of doll making with moi. 2 are under the age of 20 and are totally bad ass girls in the making.

It was lovely to spend a few hours with Cam Willis and his team talking about my work and the creative process.

This documentary features a few unique local artists. Please check it out to get acquainted with our art community. Personally I am a big Wendy James fan. She comes in at 6:46. I come in at 9:18.

Burlington Artist from Cam Willis on Vimeo.

I feel lucky to have a studio in an artist’s collective where there are so many really talented people working.

Check out this awesome portrait that my studio mate, Alex Costantino, just finished of me making crazy eyes. He will be doing portraits of each S.P.A.C.E. and Backspace Gallery artists over the next few weeks. You can follow his patterned journey through his facebook page: Art by Alex Costantino

Portrait of Beth Robinson

Portrait of Beth Robinson, created under the nom d’art Edsen Lüters.

Voting ends on July 1 at noon

I was nominated for a Seven Days 2014 Daysie Award for best visual artist. How great would it be if the Creepy Doll Lady won this year?! I have a one in five chance and you can help me make it happen!

Please help me win by placing your vote today, before it is too late. And while you are at it, vote for S.P.A.C.E. Gallery as the best art gallery. I wouldn’t have gotten the nomination without having a studio in that amazing, creative place.


Want to know what this is all about? Read More>>



Much to my absolute jaw dropping shock, the nominees for the Seven Days 2014 Daysie Awards just came out, and I was 1 of 5 artists nominated for best visual artist. I am positively floored and feel incredibly honored and humbled and shocked to even be considered – let alone nominated.

But of course – now I want to win it!

I love every one of the artists on the list but it would be amazing if a somewhat – erm – dark, and – uh – more, shall we say… “alternative” artist was chosen this year? That would certainly give cred to all of the bumper stickers I see roaming around town that say “Keep Vermont Weird“. I am your poster child, People! Get on board! Go vote for me!

So maybe you are asking: “What are the Daysie Awards and why are they so important?”

Every year our local newspaper, Seven Days, hosts this contest. There are 8 sections (everything from food to shopping to media) and 171 categories. This year there were more than 90,000 nominations. Voters will choose one finalist from each category and the finalist with the most votes in Round 2 will win the Daysie award to be presented at an awesome party hosted by Seven Days.

The final round of voting begins today, Wednesday, June 18, at noon and ends Tuesday, July 1, at noon.

Also, if you are voting for me, you have to vote for S.P.A.C.E. Gallery as the best art gallery. I wouldn’t have gotten my nomination without having a studio in that amazing creative space.

Stumped in the other categories? I have to mention some of my friends (and favorites as well):

Let’s make this happen folks! Please take moment to vote for me and my friends and share this link with your friends. Encourage them to vote as well.



Malia Schroeder’s new tattoo of one of my commissioned Dr Scops dolls. The lady version.


The first Strange Dolls tattoo

What started out as a new way to start packaging my strange dolls turned into a full blown massacre. Let us hope that the USPS does not give me too much shit on this (or the studio manager — yeep). I think it is terribly fun. And I admit, I got carried away.



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